Stop-Motion Animation, Produced 2009-2010
Completed September 2010
Shooting Gague: HD, Duration 13mins

Tegan is 12, in love with the coolest boy in class and just found out where meat comes from. Tegan struggles against her friends, her teachers and her family in her attempts to stay true to her heart and at 12 years old - that's no mean feat!

This quaint story is told in painstaking stop-motion animation, with the entire world being built at 1:5 scale and photographed frame at a time. The film begins with Tegan's discovery and then quickly becomes a face-off between Tegan the Vegan and Elenore the Carnivore. Who will get the glory...and the boy?

The film was shot on a Canon EOS Digital Stills Camera using Dragon Stop Motion, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.


Tegan the Vegan Charli Delaney
Mrs Poodle & Tegan's Mum Noni Hazlehurst
Trent, Dorian & Bryan Paul McDermott
Elenore the Carnivore Pippa Black
Suki Belinda Barancewicz


Marisa Martin
Producer/Casting Belinda Barancewicz
Script Editor Felicity Packard
Animation Assistant & Props Builder Janine Jeffreys
Animation Assistant Geraldine Martin
Construction Manager Paul Martin
Script Assistant Cezar Rozmus
Lighting Michael O'Rourke
Music Munro Melano
Sound Design Matthew Nightingale
Voice Recording Marc Judson & David Walsh
Costumes Geraldine Martin & Pauline Green
Work Experience Morgan Gardiner and Alexanra Harwood
Animation Mentor Mick Elliott

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WOW Film Festival
WINNER Best Australian Animation

March 2011, NSW

Canberra Critics Circle
WINNER Award for Animation

December 2011, ACT

Canada International Film Festival
WINNER Rising Star Award in Animation

March 2012, Canada

Woodland Film Festival
WINNER Best Animation

Sept 2012, NSW
ATOM Finalist ATOM Awards
FINALIST Best Animation
Sept 2012, Australia
Flickerfest International Film Festival
Official Selection

World Premiere, Jan 2011, NSW
St Kilda Film Festival
Official Selection

May 2011, Vic
Dungog Film Festival
Official Selection

May 2011, NSW
World Kids International Film Festival
Official Selection

May 2011, Mumbai India
New York City International Film Festival
Official Selection

August 2011, NYC USA
Canberra Short Film Festival
Official Selection

September 2011, ACT
Show Me Shorts
Official Selection

November 2011, NZ

KUKI Kids Festival
Official Selection

November 2011, Berlin Germany

Film'eon Children's Film Festival
Official Selection
November 2011, Brussels Belgium

Shorts Film Festival
Official Selection

April 2012, Adelaide SA

This project is supported by
the ACT Government



OTHER SCREENINGS (Non Competitive)

ACT Video Camera Club, ACT, April 2011
Sydney Vegan Expo, NSW, May 2011
Uni of Canberra Practicing Artist Lecture, June 2011
Dragon Dreaming Festival, NSW, October 2011
Lady Bug Film Festival, Sweden, October 2011
Living Green Festival, ACT, October 2011
Vegan Collective, Istanbul Turkey, December 2011
Vegetarian Festival, Christchurch NZ, March 2012
Brazilian Vegetarian Festival, Brazil, March 2012
Corinbank Festival, Canberra ACT, March 2012
You Are Here Arts Festival, Canberra ACT, April 2012
Animal ACTivism, Canberra ACT, May 2012