Short Film, Produced Nov/Dec 2006, Completed March 08
Shooting Gauge: 35mm, Duration: 15 minutes


In an alternate now people cease speaking for fear that speech will kill them.  Social systems quickly break down, law and order grind to a halt, the way of life that humanity had come to enjoy is silently swept away...


The importance of communication on a societal and interpersonal level is a key theme of the film.  This coupled with a more political notion of fear - overwhelming fear en masse by a whole population and what that can do to a societal structure centered around the fear of speaking.



Will Shayne Jarvis
Jenna Hana Tow
The Stranger Dallas Bland
The Man John Rogers
School Girl Jasmine Wood
Thugs Richard Bosci, Soren Jensen
The Beggar Andy McLeod
Angry Mob Clare Martin, Margie Sainsbury,
Patrick J Gallagher
Panicked Crowd

A. Mouchemore, Anne Murn, Brendan Woolcott, Brian Easteal, Bruce Davie, Chris Steward, David Easteal, Geraldine Martin, Grant Woolcott, Ian Dewar, James Cannon, Kathryn Goldie, Matt Grantham, Michael Rodrigues, Nicolette Marks, Paul Martin, Peta McElgunn, Peter Grieg, Rebecca Bowyer, Slava Barouline, Stephen Young, Vladan Zivanovic, Warren Coulton




Marisa Martin


Matthew Fallon

Production Manager/1st AD Clare Young
Cinematographer Brook Rushton
Focus Puller Joel Froome
Clapper/Loader Matt Spowat
Gaffer Pav Govind
Best Boy Josh Birse
Grip Joe Brunetteau
Video Split Operator John Ivancic
Sound Recordist Michael O'Rourke
2nd Assistant Director Jacinta Britton
Production Co-Ordinator Janine Jeffreys
3rd Assistant Director Belinda Barancewicz
Art Direction/Wardrobe Casey Meyen
Hair/Makeup Megan Kirkup
Catering Hudsons Catering
  IGA Kingston
  Sue Fallon
Music Composers Somaya Langley
  Nick Mariette

  This project was supported by
the ACT Government